Shipping & International Deliveries

UK Shipping

All of our items are assembled by hand to order. For standard (non Unique) products we endeavour to dispatch all orders within 72 hours of the order being processed.

If in rare cases we are out of stock of a particular component you will not be charged any extra postal charges for backordered items dispatched at a later date.

In the majority of cases all orders should be delivered to you within 7 days.

For Unique plates, as there is extra production processes and each plate is made especially for you, delivery times can be extended slightly with expected delivery times between 5 and 10 working days.

Delivery Charges

Deliveries over £95 have free delivery to the majority of the country, under £95 have a delivery charge.

Area Delivery Charges

Deliveries to the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man and the Channel Islands have an additional area delivery charge due to the extra costs we are charged by the courier companies. If you live in this areas we are sure you will be aware of these area charges already.

International (non UK) Deliveries

sockets and Switches International Deliveries

Sockets and Switches have supplied many customers outside the UK both large and small. With an increasing number of enquiries / orders and changes to shipping international due to recent circumstances, this guide is to help you find the best route to get your order to you at a lower cost.


Irish customers have always been able to buy and arrange delivery through the website as part of a normal order, and this is still the case. However if the order is large we would recommend using a shipping service - please see below.

Other Countries

Before all the recent changes due to Brexit etc, before confirming the order we would get a quote for shipping and send a total price to you for the order items and shipping. Now these quotes are excessive especially for large orders with every reason from extra paperwork to COVID.

After speaking to shipping companies we found they offered a better price (and service), but there are many available and optimum service for delivery varies from country to country with some only specialising for a single country e.g. France.

We also found that if the end customer booking the shipping company, you have far more control over the delivery and should an issue arise, makes it much easier to resolve as you know any local intricacies, how to get to your property etc.

Plus many in country companies have a reciprocal arrangement with shipping companies in the UK, meaning you can pay locally and not have to worry about exchange rates.

Free UK Delivery

This also means that any orders with a value over £95 have free delivery to the UK freight forwarding facility.

Companies That Customers Have Used In The Past

If you are looking for a company in the UK, customers have used the following -

For clarity these are for ideas and a starting point, not recommendations as we have not used them ourselves. We cannot tell you about the prices paid or service received as we do not have that information and recommend reading independent reviews if you are unsure.

If you have any queries about deliveries please email [email protected] before you place your order.

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