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Find Sockets & Switches To Match Your Room

Choose from over 100 modern and traditional styles, with the full range of light switches, plug sockets, dimmers, USB sockets, phone, satellite & tv sockets, fused spurs and more. Just start by choosing your finish to see the styles availables.

See some more Socket & Switch finish ideas below. Prefer to start with styles, use the Browse by Styles menu on the right.

Large size sockets and switches
Large size sockets and switches

Need Large Sockets & Switches?

Our range of large size sockets and switches are perfect when you need that extra bit more. From 95mm and up. Just replaces standard fittings so no special work required.

See all the Large Range Sockets & Switches>

Farrow & Ball Colour Match Sockets And Switches

Using Farrow & Ball paints or wallpaper?

Complete the perfect finishing touch to your rooms with Farrow & Ball Colour Matching Sockets and Switches to complement your choice of Farrow & Ball interior finishes. The durable colour match finish is complemented by a 25 year warranty on all electrical components.

View the Farrow & Ball Colour Match Socket & Switch range.

If you prefer to use the paints directly, you can paint the sockets and switches yourself using Farrow & Ball paints on any of the Paintable Sockets & Switches Ranges.

Portable Power via solar panels & battery storage

Travelling, Camping, Boating & Need Power?

Take your sockets and switches with you as you travel. No longer be away from electrical power with portable solar panels and a battery bank to store your solar energy.

There are three sizes of solar panel and battery storage to choose from depending on your energy needs while out and about from simple device charging to supporting computers and large requirements.

See the different sizes of solar panels and BESS (Battery Energy Storage System) available at Portable Power range.

Lightwave RF Dimmers

Lightwave Smart Sockets & Switches For Your Smart Home

Make Your Home Smart with Lightwave RF

Smartly control all the lighting plus plug sockets & heating in your home with Lightwave RF.

Find out the benefits having a Lightwave Smart Home and the advantages of using Lightwave.

Works with
Works with Apple Homekit, Alexa and Google Assistant

See the Lightwave Smart Series Sockets & Dimmers.

Plug Sockets with USB A and USB C Chargers
Plug Sockets with USB A and USB C Charging

Plug Sockets with USB A & USB C Charging

Have a phone, tablet or other device that has USB C charging?

We are adding more and more dual USB A + C charging plug sockets to our ranges, just look in the USB Plug Socket sections to see combination USB sockets available.

More Socket and Switch Finish Ideas

Don't be limited to Polished Chrome or Brass, be inspired by some our beautiful finishes below - just click on the swatch to see socket and switch styles in that finish.

Bronzes - some of our beautiful and subtle bronze socket and switch finishes

Bronze Sockets and Switches
Bronze Noir Sockets and Switches
Bronze Noir
Cocoa Bronze Sockets and Switches
Cocoa Bronze
Light Bronze Sockets and Switches
Light Bronze
Old Bronze Sockets and Switches
Old Bronze
Silk Bronze Sockets and Switches
Silk Bronze

Pewter & Old Metals - the beauty of metal and perfect for the period property.

Natural Pewter Sockets and Switches
Natural Pewter
Hammered Pewter Sockets and Switches
Hammered Pewter
Aged Sockets and Switches
Cast Aluminium Sockets and Switches
Cast Aluminium
Old Nickel Sockets and Switches
Old Nickel
Old Brass Sockets and Switches
Old Brass

Coppers - stunning copper in modern and traditional finishes

Natural Copper Sockets and Switches
Natural Copper
Hammered Copper Sockets and Switches
Hammered Copper
Burnished Copper Sockets and Switches
Burnished Copper
Polished Copper Sockets and Switches
Polished Copper
Brushed Copper Sockets and Switches
Brushed Copper
Old Copper Sockets and Switches
Old Copper

Unusual Finishes - to add a touch of different

Weathered Copper Sockets and Switches
Weathered Copper
Rust Sockets and Switches
Slate Sockets and Switches
Hammered Black Sockets and Switches
Hammered Black
Aged Brass Sockets and Switches
Aged Brass
Bakelite Dolly Light Switches

Matching Floor Sockets
Recessed Floor Sockets

Floor Sockets

Get floor plug sockets to match your interior style with 16 finishes to choose from. Cannot find a match, then we have a paintable version so you can match the paint in your room.

In addition we now also have floor plug sockets that you can put a plug into and the flap closes flat just leaving the cable coming out. Or choose from our wood veneer range to blend in with your wooden floor.

View the Floor Socket Ranges>

RetroTouch Sockets & Switches

RetroTouch Defined by Design

RetroTouch Sockets and Switches are ideal for anyone looking for an affordable and stylish way to finish their home, office or hotel. They are modern, sophisticated and UK designed and provide that special touch to complete the interior designer look.

The unique design of the light switches cleverly combines the latest technology with carefully considered looks. Each unit features glass panels in a variety of appealing designs to suit modern, cutting edge, contemporary interiors as well as classic interiors too. Find out more & see the full range >

Art Deco Sockets and Switches

Art Deco Sockets & Switches

Bring opulence and sophistication to your home with Art Deco Sockets & Switches. The bold sleek geometric styling of Art Deco is very versatile, working both in the minimalist and modern to the more traditional and ornate.

With 17 finishes to choose from including three dual finishes, in 5 styles, you will find an Art Deco sockets & switches to bring luxury to your room.

View Art Deco Socket & Switch Ranges>

International deliveries of Sockets & Switches

Not in the UK?

If you need UK standard sockets & switches and don't live in the the UK we can help.

All you need to do is get in touch - email, live chat or phone - and we will be happy to help you find your perfect sockets and switches.

Customers have choosen Sockets & Switches in Dubai, Malta, Caribbean, Cyprus, Bahrain, Malaysia and more.

Why Sockets & Switches?

  • Choose from over 80,000 sockets & switches
  • Traditional and Contemporary designs
  • Many unique plate designs to choose from
  • Manufactured to the highest UK standards
  • Hard wearing, long lasting, superior finish
  • Multi resin lacquers for long lasting protection
  • Every product hand assembled & individually boxed
  • Over 98% of our products are UK designed & manufactured

Use the menu above to choose your finish from popular Chromes and Brasses to sockets and switches in Bronzes, Black, White, Wood, Dual plus Clear Acrylic ranges.

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