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Screwless Supreme Bronze Time Lag Staircase Switch

Socket and Switch Sizes - Single 86mm x 86mm, Twin 146mm x 86mm

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Retrofit Time Lag Switch - Illuminated : White Trim Screwless Supreme Bronze Time Lag Staircase Switch
Retrofit Time Lag Switch - Illuminated : White Trim
Model: S72580
Retrofit Time Lag Switch - Non Illuminated : White Trim Screwless Supreme Bronze Time Lag Staircase Switch
Retrofit Time Lag Switch - Non Illuminated : White Trim
Model: S72579

What is a Time Lag Staircase Switch?

Staircase Time Lag Switches are designed for use in common areas where you might have multiple switching positions on a common lighting circuit where a temporary use of light is required. These are most commonly used to switch lights on in a stairwell and the beauty of this is that they will switch themselves off after a pre-set time.

Previously Staircase Time Lag switches have only been available as air-operated push buttons and as they were only available in a plain white finish with an unsightly large white button plunger they were found to be unsuitable for many properties where something more stylish was a requirement.

When using any version of Time Lag Staircase switch you cannot use standard on/off light switches on the same circuit - all the other switches for the lights will need to be the same Time Lag Switches.

At Sockets and Switches we have two versions of the Time Lag Switch - Retrofit and Module.

Retrofit Time Lag Switches

We have introduced a Retrofit Staircase Time Lag Switch to our range. These decorative switches simply replace the old White air-operated push button type.

For simplicity of installation the Retrofit Time Lag models do not require a neutral and as such can be used as a straight replacement for your existing light switch.

The switch has a fully adjustable time delay from 1 minute up to 2 hours, to alter the delay you simple adjust the setting on the rear of the switch when installing. On use the user presses the push button on the switch to briefly switch the lights ON and then after your pre-set time has elapsed, the lights will switch OFF automatically.

You have a choice of a standard button switch or an illuminated version with a location light which remains lit until the switch is pressed to help find the switch in the dark. When pressed the location light goes off as the lights come on; once the time lag period has elapsed the location light then comes back on.

Important - never use a Retrofit Time Lag Staircase Switch that is not rated higher than the load applied to it – the maximum loads for the Retrofit switches are 1500w (240v) or 1000w (Fluorescent) or 500w (LED). The switches can also be used for Fans or Halide Lights up to 250w.

We recommend a 35mm deep wall box as these switches are approximately 29mm deep.

Module Switches - only available in certain styles

This version of the Time Lag Switch requires a module to be fitted into the circuit to work. You will require only one Staircase Time Lag Module per circuit and are usually located remotely and out of sight. This means you can have fully deccorative switches where the light is required and any number on the circuit and can be combine Staircase Time Lag Switches with Toggle Light Switches on the same plate if required.

The module has a fully adjustable time delay setting from 30 seconds up to 10 minutes that is pre-set on installation – this then enables the users to press the push button Staircase Time Lag Switch briefly to switch ON the lights then after the pre-set time has elapsed the lights will switch OFF automatically.

Important - never use a Staircase Time Lag Module that is not rated higher than the total load applied to it – the maximum loads for the module are 2300w (240v) or 1500w (12v) or 1000w (Fluorescent) or 460w (LED).

We recommend 25mm or 35mm deep wall boxes for mounting our button dimmer switches.

If you require any advice or assistance please call our sales team on 01926 289 289.

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Product Rating 5 out of 5      Arrived Quick
21 May 2021 by , Tonbridge - Verified Customer

Pleased with product and speed of delivery arrived quicker than expected.

Product Rating 5 out of 5      Happy Customer
23 May 2020 by , Leeds - Verified Customer

Was pleased with both the product and the service. The product was finished in the antique pewter which was accurate in its description. I was surprised how slim it was its nearly flat. I like not seeing any screws plus hardley any plastic visable. The delivery took about a week however i did place a sizable order which arrived complete so very satisfied with this sale. I recommend this screw-free range which looks really nice once the workmen have vacated the house and I can sit back to admire the handywork.

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Very impressed - top quality items.

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15 November 2019 by , Henley On Thames - Verified Customer

A no fuss purchase that was delivered pretty quickly. I had the USB Sockets and they work as they should. I particularly like the fact the switch part of the socket doesnt have any plastic bits around it. The Antique copper finish is subtle and the metal socket is slimmer than I thought so I am pleased with the way these sockets look now that they are installed.

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09 June 2019 by , Warrington - Verified Customer

Superslim front plates. They clip on securely and the quality is very good. Overall Im very pleased.

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04 April 2019 by , London - Verified Customer

Outstanding Quality - I couldnt be happier.

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The switches look flat and smooth and are very well made units. Brilliant all round and I recommend this range.

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24 January 2019 by , Ayrshire - Verified Customer

Very well made and almost completely flat. No screws showing make these probably the classiest sockets I?ve fitted.

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