Flat Matt White PIR Switch

Flat Matt White PIR Switch - 1
Flat Matt White PIR Switch - 2

Socket and Switch Sizes - Single 85mm x 85mm, Twin 145mm x 85mm

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10 Metre PIR Switch - White Trim
10 Metre PIR Switch - White Trim
Model: S71758
5 Metre PIR Switch - White Trim
5 Metre PIR Switch - White Trim
Model: S71757


What is a PIR Switch?

Our PIR (Passive Infra Red) Sensor Switches are available in most finishes to complement the vast array of finishes and plate styles on offer at socketsandswitches.com. We offer two versions that cover a 5 metre detection range or a 10 metre detection range.

PIR (Passive Infra Red) Sensor Switches are designed for use in common areas where you might have regular visitors coming and going and the sensor allows for the lights or fans to switch on automatically then switch off again after a given period meaning that lights will never be left on when not required. These are most commonly used to switch lights on in an entrance hall or stairwell and the beauty of this is that they will switch themselves off after a pre-set time.

Previously PIR (Passive Infra Red) Sensor Switches have only been available in a plain white finish with an unsightly large plastic plate and they were found to be unsuitable for many properties where something more stylish was a requirement.

They incorporate a PIR quad sensor to detect movement of a warm body within their detection zone and a photocell to monitor the ambient light level. On detecting movement the PIR will switch the load on then if no more movement is detected within a certain pre-set time, then the PIR will switch off the load.

They have an adjustable time delay setting from 10 seconds up to 40 minutes that you pre-set on installation – the time delay can be reset or changed at any time by readjusting the concealed setting dials.

You can use these as a stand alone switch or link as many PIR (Passive Infra Red) Sensor Switches together as you like. You cannot use standard on/off switches on the same circuit and all other switch positions will also need to be PIR (Passive Infra Red) Sensor Switches or a Double Pole Switch as these PIR (Passive Infra Red) Sensor Switches require a Neutral.

Never use a PIR (Passive Infra Red) Sensor Switch that is not rated higher than the total load applied to it – the maximum loads are 1500w (240v) or 1500w (12v) or 500w (Fluorescent) or 500w (LED).

They will also switch on/off Fans to the maximum load of 250w.

We recommend a 35mm deep wall boxes for mounting our PIR (Passive Infra Red) Sensor Switches . If you require any advice or assistance please call our sales team on 01926 289289.

Customer reviews for the Flat Matt White PIR Switch

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Other reviews for Flat Matt Sockets & Switches are

Average customer rating: Product Rating 12 out of 55 stars  12  reviews

Product Rating 5 out of 5      Bought For Colour
03 April 2021 by , Huntingdon - Verified Customer

The switches and sockets are switches and sockets that work, not sure how you tell the difference. Bought Flat Black for the colour to fit in with house style and prefer flat style.

Product Rating 5 out of 5      Upgrade From Standard White
31 March 2021 by , Falkirk - Verified Customer

Wanted flat sockets and switches instead of standard white and picked this style.

Product Rating 5 out of 5      Switches Look Great
25 March 2021 by , Bucks - Verified Customer

Just installed in our modernised old farmhouse and they look fantastic. V happy.

Product Rating 5 out of 5      Neat and Tidy
24 March 2021 by , Whitby - Verified Customer

Using this modular plate neatens everything up into one place. Thanks

Product Rating 5 out of 5      Neat Solution
23 March 2021 by , Edinburgh - Verified Customer

This tidied up all the cables, wall boxes behind the TV. Much better and meant we could reuse one of the old boxes as an extra plug socket.

Product Rating 5 out of 5      New Switch
19 March 2021 by , Nottingham - Verified Customer

Added a fan to our bathroom and put this switch in to control it. Works fine.

Product Rating 5 out of 5      Great Value & Quick Delivery
17 May 2019 by , Portsmouth - Verified Customer

Look good. Great value and were delivered next day.

Product Rating 5 out of 5      Very Good.
01 May 2019 by , Leicester - Verified Customer

Very good and very good quality. Good value and I've ordered some more of these for my next job.

Product Rating 5 out of 5      Perfect
12 March 2019 by , London - Verified Customer

I used this Flat Black range for my entire house and couldn't be happier. Look slick and well worth the money.

Product Rating 5 out of 5      Very Impressed
06 March 2019 by , Derbyshire - Verified Customer

I bought a lot of items from this range and I cannot fault it. A good price and very well finished. It looks fantastic now its all fitted.

Product Rating 5 out of 5      Good Product & Great Value.
22 February 2019 by , Preston - Verified Customer

Very well finished and a reasonable price. Flat metal plates finished in off-white.

Product Rating 5 out of 5      Great Price.
25 January 2019 by , Southampton - Verified Customer

Very reasonable prices on these Black Flat light switches. Nicely finished and the plates are metal not plastic.

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