Get sockets and switches checked, warns expert

A warning has been issued to householders in Bristol to check that their electrical appliances and sockets and switches are safe.

One person a week dies in the UK as a result of an electrical accident in the home and one person in eight has had a serious electrical shock.

Yet Danny Hancock, of Bristol-based firm Optus Electrical, says that many continue to put themselves at risk because their home electrics are outdated.

He states that 30-40,000 homes in Bristol do not have adequate RCD (residual current device) protection.

RCD fuse boxes can save lives by protecting against electrical shocks and lowering the risk of electrical fires.

"We all use electrical appliances daily and it's natural to want to solve simple electrical faults, but please get your electrical system professionally checked,” Mr Hancock says.

For safety around the home, don't use any appliances, lighting and switches that are faulty or visibly damaged.”

He also suggests that people should consider fitting RCD protection.

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