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Burnished Flat Burnished Copper Push Light Switch

Socket and Switch Sizes - Single 88mm x 88mm, Twin 148mm x 88mm

These sockets and switches have an expected standard delivery time of between 2 to 4 working days.

Important - These are not dimmers. For dimmers go to the Dimmer Section.

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1 Gang 2 Way Push Switch Burnished Flat Burnished Copper Push Light Switch
1 Gang 2 Way Push Switch
Model: S67794
2 Gang 2 Way Push Switch Burnished Flat Burnished Copper Push Light Switch
2 Gang 2 Way Push Switch
Model: S67795
3 Gang 2 Way Push Switch Burnished Flat Burnished Copper Push Light Switch
3 Gang 2 Way Push Switch
Model: S67796
4 Gang 2 Way Push Switches Burnished Flat Burnished Copper Push Light Switch
4 Gang 2 Way Push Switches
Model: S67797


What is a Push Light Switch?

A Push Light Switch looks exactly the same as a regular Dimmer Switch with the difference being that they do not dim they simply Push On & Push Off. This is ideal for lighting that is non-dimmable such as Fluorescent or some types of Low Voltage or LED lighting.

Many people buy our Push Switches when they want a switch fitted in the same room as a dimmer switch and want the two plates to look the same.

We offer two versions that cover a multitude of applications when combined with dimmer switches.

Push Switches are available as a Standard 2 Way version or an IntermediateVersion. Both versions are rated at 6 amps (max load 1000 watt) and can be combined on the same plate along with regular dimmer switches which makes them conveniently adaptable in circumstances where most normal ranges of electrical accessories are only available in standard configurations.

We sell these Push light switches as stand-alone units or combined with intermediate Push Switches and also with LED Dimmers all on the same plate.

Many configurations are listed on our range pages however if you require a configuration not listed or if you require any advice or assistance please call us.

If you require any advice or assistance please call our sales team on 01926 289 289.

Wiring Diagrams

See the wiring diagrams for One Way Light Switches and Two Way Light Switches.

Customer reviews for the Burnished Flat Burnished Copper Push Light Switch

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Average customer rating: Product Rating 11 out of 54.6 stars  11  reviews

Product Rating 5 out of 5      Waxed Copper Fab Looking
09 June 2020 by , Bristol Dock - Verified Customer

Had waxed copper dolly type switches and they look fab.A bit out of the ordinary and although they are old looking I fitted them in my very modern apartment.

Product Rating 5 out of 5      Most Unusual Finish
22 May 2020 by , Bethesda - Verified Customer

Like them very much a most unusual finish but very well made

Product Rating 5 out of 5      Brilliant Find
14 May 2020 by , Derby - Verified Customer

Nice oily look which was just what I was after. I have a modern property and these switches go so well even though they look old style. I also bought some sockets with steel on/off switches to go with these and they also look the part. Brilliant find (both the company and the items).

Product Rating 5 out of 5      Burnished Pewter Sockets Just Great
16 April 2020 by , Brompton - Verified Customer

great look achieved by fitting the pewter sockets. Very pleased with the end result overall and these sockets just topped it all off

Product Rating 5 out of 5      Burnished Pewter Switches
23 January 2020 by , Harbury - Verified Customer

Fantastic - What a find - Love them!

Product Rating 5 out of 5      All Rinky-Dinky
29 October 2019 by , London - Verified Customer

Couldnt be happier. My new kitchen is now all finished and the socket fronts look brill.

Product Rating 1 out of 5      Burnished Flat Pewter
29 October 2019 by , Bristol - Verified Customer

We had our new kitchen fitted with all the sockets being of the Burnished Flat Pewter Range supplied by this company. We used delicate surface frogtape to cover them whilst painting and when we took the frogtape off it took all the finish off the switches to create a mottled effect - they were wrecked. The company fobbed us off saying it was moisture damage. The items are not fit for purpose. Do not buy!

We welcome and thank you for your feedback as it gives us an opportunity to resolve issues.

When we spoke on the phone we were trying to understand the issue and what had happened to your switches and sockets as it was not clear on the initial explanation, the photo we requested to find out more was not clear and based on this incomplete information, we made the suggestion of potential watermarking on the metal plate due to the moisture in the plaster and the paint due to the supplied plastic gaskets not being fitted. The gaskets form a moisture barrier which sit between the wall / plaster / paint and the metal front plate.

Then, after speaking to your decorator we understood more of what had happened. The normal practice of removing the wall plates completely when decorating had not been done, neither had you simply loosened the screws to slightly pull the socket or switch plate off the wall to paint behind them but instead the plates were taped over with Frog-Tape. We believe that when this tape was torn off you have pulled the protective lacquer layer off the plate which has resulted in the mottled effect you refer to. The lacquer layer is designed to resist pushing, rubbing and knocks into the plate and is not bonded to resist pulling forces as this does not happen in normal use; therefore we cannot say with certainty what the outcome will be when the protective lacquer is pulled away from the rest of the plate.

As it says on the Frog-Tape instructions (we have used it before) and their website "In all cases please test on an inconspicuous area first." even on the delicate tape version.

As we were not completely sure on the exact cause, we asked for you to return one plate so we could confirm which was correct and then discuss a course of action. However Rebecca decided to leave a bad and inaccurate review on something we had not even had a chance to confirm, before ordering even more sockets straight away from us - this despite stating "The items are not fit for purpose. Do not buy!".

Apart from Rebecca's issue there are two important things to note for all metal socket and switch owners when it comes to decorating

First, please use the plastic gaskets supplied to protect the metal socket or switch from the moisture on freshly plastered or decorated walls. This prevents the possibility of the moisture affecting the plate if fitted correctly. In all metal sockets and switches we supply, this gasket comes as standard in the box. Plastic sockets and switches being water resistant do not need the gasket.

Please do not apply tape of any kind to the front of any sockets and switches (metal and plastic) as this can have an effect on the finish, marking the item. Normal decorating practice is to loosen the plate away from the way taking any precautions necessary, for example switching off the electricity, so you can paint behind the socket or switch, preferably leaving the paint to dry before tightening up the screws again. Still use the gasket as there can be residual moisture. This method also leaves a better finish.

We are happy to discuss this further with you if you would like to get in contact.

Product Rating 5 out of 5      Stunning
09 June 2019 by , Coventry - Verified Customer

Burnished Copper. These are quality items and the finish is so different. Stunning!

Product Rating 5 out of 5      Wow So Good
16 May 2019 by , Barking - Verified Customer

Wow Burnished Copper - what a unique look. Very highest quality.

Product Rating 5 out of 5      Excellent
01 May 2019 by , Banbury - Verified Customer

Couldn't find these anywhere - I'm so pleased as these look excellent. I'm in the process of ordering another lot for my next project.

Product Rating 5 out of 5      Deliciously Different.
22 February 2019 by , Camden Town - Verified Customer

These really finished my rooms off perfectly. Deliciously different and just what I was searching for.

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