Enhancing d├ęcor with electrical switches and plate designs

Good quality electrical switches and plate designs can enhance the décor of any room. Many also have additional features such as dimmer switches or dual switches and can come in a variety of finishes, including chrome and brass.

As well as stocking a large variety of the above, websites such as www.socketsandswitches.com also offer more unusual designs, including a selection to appeal especially to children.

The simplest way to enhance the appearance of your electrical switches and outlets is to install new plate covers. Since most electrical components are made to a standard size, almost any plate design will fit.

Whenever you work near electrical wiring or fixtures, always make sure you turn off the electricity supply first. Changing an electrical switch face plate is very simple task but you may accidentally touch a lire wire and it is always better to ensure the area is entirely safe.

It is usually best to replace switches at the same time as new plate designs as they will match the plate better.

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