Easy computer networking with new sockets

Turn your mains electrical supply into a computer network with this new range of sockets just launched by Sockets and Switches.

All you have to do is replace at least two of your current sockets (to create the network) with these Ethernet Over Power sockets and you have an instant high speed secure network in your home, office or where-ever they are installed.

The Power Ethernet socket requires no new wiring and is an elegant, simple and cost-effective way to create a home network without the need for expensive cabling or unsightly plug-in adapters. Its unique design incorporates all of the electronics inside the wall socket.

The Power Ethernet socket is British Standard, two gang in size and easy for any electrician to install.

Simply replace a power socket with a Power Ethernet socket and a fast, reliable Internet network will be available everywhere needed without any rewiring.

Now connecting Internet devices to the home network is as simple and easy as plugging them into the mains.

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