Cocoa Bronze Sockets & Switches

If you have an old property or a period property from the Edwardian, Victorian or Georgian period you will probably be looking for Sockets and Switches that are finished in a style to suit the interior designs of that particular period.

Chances are you will want an aged or antique looking finish and at SocketsandSwitches.Com we can offer you a verity of different Antique finishes.

Cocoa Bronze

Cocoa Bronze is a subtle brown bronze finish with an aged streaked glaze which gives this plate a duller more aged look.

It has the appearance of a brown plate with a dull rubbed down look which gives this range the feel of a genuine time aged plate.

To further enhance the appearance of the plate we include matching metal rocker switches to complete the look.

Take a look at the vast array of ranges available in these finishes by selecting from the menu on this page. If you can’t find a range you like let us know and we should be able to apply your chosen finish to whichever style you prefer.

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